Pixel Golden Sun 4G1W Switch


Pixel Golden Sun 4G1W Switch

  • Superior material and fireproof
  • Superior injection frame
  • Use panel for a long time without discoloring
  • Material flame retardant, high-temperature resistance
  • Anti-shock, durable, never deformed
  • Socket terminals made of good materials
  • Good electric conduction performance
  • Packaged with PIXEL Logo
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Specifications of Pixel Golden Sun 4G1W Switch

  • Item code: GP4G1W
  • Brand: Pixel
  • Item Name: Golden Sun 4G1W Switch
  • Categories: Gang Switch Socket
  • Made of Poly carbonate Virgin Resin.
  • Fire Retardant.
  • Switching: 40,000+
  • All screws are made of copper.


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