Pixel Electric Company Limited (PECL) started its journey towards the end of the year 2020 with the slogan; ‘Quality is our Identity’. The main goals of this company are producing high-quality products and creating an excellent marketing system to earn the satisfaction of our honorable customers. Standard quality products, customer satisfaction, fast return of defective products, fast service, and employment generation are the main features of this company. At present, the electric market situation in Bangladesh is quite vulnerable. Defective and very low-quality products overflow the market. Despite this, some renowned electric companies are struggling to provide honorable customers with quality products. ‘Pixel Electric Company Ltd’ is one of them. It has come forward to salvage the market from this vulnerable situation.

Another peculiar situation in Bangladesh is an erratic power supply which is responsible for the killing of the longevity of the electrical gadgets in many cases. So, keeping the above problems in mind, we give our valued customers a long time warranty on our products.

In this progressing century, the unemployment problem is increasing day by day all over the world and the dimension of this problem is so vast that ILO says, “The scenario of youth unemployment over the world is 14.6% in Bangladesh it is 25%.” It’s really alarming for us, but ‘Pixel Electric Company Limited’ is working for it and trying to create employment opportunities for the young unemployed.

At this backdrop of our socio-economic condition, we firmly believe that we will be able to materialize this dream very soon.

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